New York and First Day at Hacker School

If you haven't heard, I decided to quit my cushy job at Dreamworks Animation and move to New York. It seems kind of crazy, but I spent all of Christmas break and January deciding if I really want to do it. I've been living in the Bay Area a long time, and I felt like I needed a change.

I decided to attend Hacker School. I get to live in New York for three months and work on whatever programming projects I want with like-minded people.

Since I didn't post when I arrived, this post will be in two parts. 

Part 1: Hanging out with Ben

Ben was my TA at Berkeley way back in 2008 and my project partner in the same semester. After he graduated, we totally lost touch. But I remember he moved to New York for work. Five years later, I decide I want to go to Hacker School, and email him out of the blue to see if I can crash at his place.

It was shocking how welcoming he was after all these years. It was like he never left, and we just left off where we started. His roommate is super into indie movies, particularly difficult movies to watch like movies from David Lynch and Haneke. It was quite stimulating to analyze movies in an intellectual level.

Part 2: Hacker School

During my first day at Hacker School, I definitely felt lost. They basically give you some ground rules (which basically sums up to "don't be a jerk") and let you do whatever you want. No instructions. No direction. 

I really am not that great without direction, so I felt really lost my first day. But I decided to choose something and get started. I know I want to learn web programming. So I decided to try out Flask, since I am comfortable with Python.

I was able to make a microblog pretty quickly using this tutorial:

I want to extend this by being able to add images and dates. I also found this tutorial that seems really useful: 
The Flask Mega Tutorial

Next half of the day, I moved onto learning WebGL. I found this website which translates NeHe Tutorials (ahhh the memories) to WebGL: Learning WebGL

I did the first lesson and started to remember how much OpenGL sucks. By sucks, I mean how tedious it is. So I copped out and decided to use Three.js, which is a lot simpler! I was able to get something running with 10 lines of code vs 200. 

Going to continue learning Python and hopefully do some pair programming!!! I need to work up the courage to do pair programming.

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