Fun with Python and pip!

I have been programming in Python for quite awhile now. However, I am still learning new things all the time about this language! I was able to download the source code for CPython and learn a lot about the internals! I even committed TWO patches to the CPython!

David, a fellow Hacker Schooler, showed me a cool way to list out all my dependences in my Python project! This is very useful for people who what to run my Python project.

pip freeze > requirements.txt

The command, pip freeze, prints out all the required modules that need to be downloaded to run my project. I write that out to a text file ('requirements.txt') and save that to my project.

Then if someone wants to run my program, rather than me listing out my modules in a README or them looking at my code for the modules, all they need to do is run

pip install -r requirements.txt

and pip installs everything for you!!! How cool is that? Now all my friends who are reviewing my code won't complain about how hard my projects are to setup!

I had no idea pip was so powerful! pip list -e lists all the out-dated libraries you have in your project, pip search <query> searches the PyPi libraries for modules! I need to learn more about the program!

I am working on this HUGE blog post about Databases. But it needs to be proof-read and refined. Hopefully I get that out soon!

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